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Lighting Has Evolved —
Your Control System Should Too

SimplySNAP, an IoT solution for smart lighting that places reliable, wireless controls in the palm of your hand.
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Smart Lighting Controls should be simple and just work, that’s why we created SimplySNAP: a dependable lighting control solution providing a flexible IoT infrastructure for site and area lighting, such as industrial indoor and outdoor applications.

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Moving from Lighting to Illumination

LED lights are capable of much more than on/off and dim. Modern controls are tunable to any environment and have evolved from wired switches to combine sensors, zones, and schedules incorporating luminaire-level control for task tuning and energy management.

The Digital IoT Infrastructure

SimplySNAP’s lighting controls double as an IoT network.  Lights are typically laid out in a grid covering the work areas throughout large facilities.  With SimplySNAP, all an IoT sensor has to do is find a light, which connects to a gateway that could optionally connect to the cloud.  SimplySNAP also provides a rapid development platform for programming the Things of IoT.  This combination supports thousands of smart, industrial use cases.

Lighting the Way to Smart Manufacturing

Future-proof new construction and retrofits for the 21st century with SimplySNAP. Our controls light the way to smart manufacturing by connecting the Things of IoT to cut energy costs, reduce waste, increase productivity, lower risk, and best of all—create new sources of revenue.

The SimplySNAP Infrastructure Unlocks the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

A smart lighting solution is the first step to reducing your operating expenses. You can expand the SimplySNAP infrastructure to configure your facility into a smart one. Give yourself the competitive advantage by saving energy and optimizing operational efficiency with the Industrial Internet of Things.

Amp It Up

Gain intelligent insight across your industrial facility, parking garage, sports arena, or auto dealership through the SimplySNAP smart lighting network.

Let Us Light the Way to Your Energy Savings

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