Embedded Smart Lighting Controls



  • No AC Power required
  • Powered from Compatible LED Drivers with Auxillary 5-24V DC output
  • Control 0 to 10V dimming for a wide-range of LED fixtures
  • Push-to-connect header
  • DIM10-087-00 (external antenna option – not included)
  • DIM10-087-00F (internal antenna option)
  • DIM10-087-00 Cut Sheet
  • DIM10-087-00 Install Guide


  • Small footprint for easy integration inside a fixture
  • No AC Power required – Powered by Compatible Drivers
  • Auto-detects control standard: 0-10V or DALI2.0
  • DIM to OFF Compatible with 0-10V Dimming
  • DALI-2 Compatible Bus — Power Monitoring
  • 2 Sensor Inputs: DC motion Sensors/0-10V Photo Cells
  • DIM10-087-06 Cut Sheet
  • DIM10-087-06 Install Guide