Industrial IoT

Those in the manufacturing industry face many operational challenges, from shrinking margins and changing workforces to aging equipment. Many facilities are running on 20th century technology and need an upgrade to remain competitive. Often, these upgrades are disruptive to both budgets and production schedules.

Our IoT platform, the SimplySNAP system, harnesses the power of IoT to provide simple, scalable, and reliable solutions for commercial and industrial settings.  With SimplySNAP, it is easier to deploy multiple applications such as  smart lighting control, energy management, and inventory management via a single, robust mesh network. These applications address manufacturing challenges by enabling insight into material availability, factory operations, and also enhancing employee safety.

SimplySNAP is a unique combination of software applications, hardware, and services that fully empowers you to improve your facility with 21st century technology and innovation- without overhauling your budget or disrupting day-to-day productivity. SimplySNAP applications can be combined to provide deeper insights and accelerate ROI. Our system is designed to be incrementally scalable, lowering the barriers to entry and reducing risk.

Energy Management Solutions

On average, energy costs the mid-sized US manufacturer $800K/year and the Canadian manufacturer $1.7MM/year (USD). Most manufacturers have goals to reduce cost, but do not have the means for sub-metering or data analysis.

Our solution enables a manufacturer to affordably and incrementally sub-meter energy usage and have the data analyzed through a Synapse provided service. We call this Energy Management as a Service, or EMaaS.

EMaaS helps you identify, quantify, and verify operational and capital changes that can reduce your energy costs.

SimplySNAP Air 

Compressed air energy is a major cost to most manufacturing facilities – often 20-30% of the energy bill. Our compressed air energy information system monitors the compressed air flow and corresponding electrical energy usage throughout a facility. Our advanced analytics can even detect waste in the system such as leaks, stuck valves, and compressors that shouldn’t be running.

SimplySNAP Power is a data collection and reporting system designed for customers who want to understand the energy usage of their facility.

The SimplySNAP Power app is a cloud-based application that collects power usage data and stores it for up to 2 years. This enables customers to compare across sites or look at specific areas to measure the impact of adjustments to occupancy sensors, the impact of adding daylight harvesting, or adjusting different location or zone schedules.

Inventory Management Solutions

Process owners need visibility into the upcoming demand for each of their outputs in order to optimally schedule their production activities. If the LEAN tenant of “just-in-time inventory control” is applied at each stage in the process, then the optimal flow is achieved as well as reducing excess inventory throughout the process.

Our analytics can enable Just In Time inventory management, ERP integration, and material loss analysis.

SimplySNAP Flow

Good process owners constantly seek to optimize their process. They often lack the visibility they need to accurately determine how to improve and then measure the effect of changes.

Visibility is an enabler to optimization. Synapse suggests that three classes of metrics provide critical visibility.

  • Average production rate
  • Production rate variance
  • Material demand prediction

Our approach is to start with a particular process in the facility and instrument the queues for that process. As confidence builds in the approach, it is applied to more and more processes in the facility until the whole facility is instrumented.

SimplySNAP Particle 

Silo Monitoring can be a critical part of production planning. Our wireless solution enables you to monitor frequent high-res samples which provide a near real-time picture of material levels in the silo.