SimplySNAP Illuminate

A Centralized Lighting Control System

SimplySNAP Illuminate is a scalable, lighting control system designed for customers with multiple sites or larger single sites with thousands of lights and controllers.  The cloud-based application leverages the proven SimplySNAP platform to bring performance and scale to customers of all sizes. Facility and Operations Managers can easily change configuration settings, create new schedules, adjust sensor behaviors, and control all their lights from a single management portal.

Field-proven IoT Technology

The SimplySNAP Smart Lighting Control solution was developed by IoT engineers who have deployed hundreds of field-proven, IoT solutions around the globe in the past decade.

Our customers know that with Synapse’s SimplySNAP lighting control network, they are getting a complete solution where both high-bay indoor, adjacent high-bay office spaces, outdoor pathways, and parking lots can all be controlled on a single system.

There’s no dedicated server or internet required to use our smart lighting solution.  Access the system on-site or remote, by adding cloud service, so that you can evaluate, modify, and manage your lighting control system from the palm of your hand, no matter where you are located.



  • Centralized management
  • AES encryption
  • Cloud-hosted environment
  • Consolidate existing smart systems
  • System-wide settings control
  • Responsive design for use on mobile devices


  • Control large, enterprise lighting systems with up to 10,000 lights
  • A powerful and secure connection from anywhere
  • Lower cost; no on-site servers to install, configure, or maintain
  • View multiple, existing lighting control systems in one interface
  • Use Scenes, Zones, Schedules and other features system-wide
  • Fast control and navigation in single or multiple-site locations


Ideal application environments for SimplySNAP Illuminate include:

Existing Synapse Lighting customers that want to

  • Combine multiple systems, add remote access, or expand their capabilities with other SimplySNAP cloud applications, like SimplySNAP Power

Large Commercial or Industrial facilities with multiple gateways and thousands of lights

  • Regional distribution centers
  • Large manufacturing plants

Smaller facilities that have multiple gateways, but desire a single lighting system

  • Parking lots
  • Auto dealerships
  • Parking garages
  • Warehouses and factories with adjacent parking and pathways

Campus environments with multiple lighting systems and gateways

  • Connect indoor and outdoor sports fields
  • Consolidate adjacent parking lots, garages, and large common areas

Multiple sites with separate lighting systems in regions that need consolidation

  • Distribution centers with parking lots and/or garages
  • Multiple manufacturing sites

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